Chewbebe Natural Turmeric Chicken Jerky Chips Dehydrated Fresh USA Dog Treats

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Ingredients: 100% Premium Lean Chicken Breast with Organic Turmeric

No preservatives | No chemicals | No antibiotics | No hormones | No salt | No sugar | Gluten & Grain Free. Chewbebe Turmeric Chicken Chips Treats made from 100% human grade never frozen premium grade lean chicken breast. Fresh Healthy Dog Treats made to order! 

No preservatives No chemical additives No dyes
No carrageenan No added salt and sugar Gluten & grain free

At Chewbebe, we make all our chicken treats using 100% human-grade fresh chicken breast. It's a safe & natural alternative to over-processed pet treats on the market. Pocket friendly too!

Smell and Taste the Freshness! It's because it is Fresh!

For maximum freshness, please store our treats in cool dry place or refrigerator once open, since they do not contain any preservatives.

Feeding Guidelines: Chewbebe dog treats is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. For smaller dogs and cats, you can cut in smaller pieces.

All treats are made to order for freshness before shipping!

Chewbebe Made in USA Made in USA

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